Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Twenty One

It is my twenty first birthday today. 
I won't lie, i have given in to the hype of it quite a bit.
But let me tell you what birthdays mean to me.

My birthday is a day specifically there for me to remember all there is there for me to remember and appreciate all that has happened to get me to where i am.

I know 21 seems young.
But as cheesy as it is, to me age is only a number that keeps track of time.
Not all that significant.
It is the experiences in that time that really matter.
And how you chose to handle them.

There are people i wish i still had in my life today.
People i had to let go of even though i did not want to.
But i understand that things today are exactly as they were meant to be.
They have to be.
If they were meant to be different they WOULD be different.
And they arent.

There are things that i would do differently in the past if i could.
But i cant.
So they are the way they are.

There are so many lessons i have learned.
Most of them far from classrooms.
Things that have built who i am as a person.
Experiences that have changed me to the core.

All those things are the things that count.
Not the sunrises you have lived through
Or each breath you have taken
Not the numbers on the calender 
Or how tall you have gotten over time.
That isnt how you can see how much you have grown.

Only you can see how much you have grown.
Only you.

I am Twenty One years young today.
I have not reached my peek in knowledge or life experience.
But what i have done is made it to the here and now.
How beautiful a thing that is to me knowing my own experiences. 

So today isnt just "let me get drunk because i can day!"

Today is a celebration of my life.
Who i am and who i am not
Who i have been and who i will be
Today is to celebrate my lack of responsibility, because that is just where i am in life.
Today is to celebrate growth in love, relationships, self worth and faith.
Today i get to celebrate me
And who i am meant to be here in this moment.
No worries about what was or what could have been.
Just enjoying me.
The beautiful creation i was meant to be. 

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