Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not A New Years Resolution

I have not blogged in a while! Things get crazy sometimes. But this was something important to me so here we go.

I have a Bucket List. I have not posted that on here yet, although I imagine I probably will at some point in time. Anywho....

There are two very important things on this bucket list that I want to address right now.

The first is a goal that I set for myself sometime when I was in high-school probably my junoir year when I was making all sorts of life changes. This goal was to not need any sort of long term medication before the age of 40 (which has now been revised to age 50). This includes but is not limited to Blood Pressure Meds, Cholesterol Meds, Blood Thinners, Meds for Diabetes (which runs on my dads side of the family), anything related to regulating PTSD symptoms (which I believe I will be well in the clear for already) or anything else that is somewhat preventable. 

The second goal I set for myself on my Bucket List was to get fit before having kids. I still have plenty of time since serious talk about making babies won't start until at least my graduation (another Bucket List goal) in 2014, but getting fit is HARD and takes time. I want to get in shape and have a regular workout routine so that when we are blessed with little ones I will be able to continue to work out throughout my pregnancies and after and also so I can run around and keep up with my little tikes! Anyone who knows me knows that my future kids are of highest priority and to take care of them I must first take care of their mommy (and daddy)!

So as I see it there are only one way for me to reach these goals. Work at it. I have already been eating healthier and this semester from here out I want to be dedicated to getting to the gym! I do not want this to be a New Years Resolution. I want to be me valuing my life, myself, my children and my goals. I want to actively work at reaching those goals and being the best me I can be. 

I tend to fall off of the "Gym" wagon so feel free to keep me accountable! 

Here are some tools that will help me get to where I need to be:
-My Ninja! I was blessed with a food processor/blender after our wedding and I put it use nearly daily.
-New work out clothes. The only clothes I have had to work out in were old PTs from high school ROTC that were always three sizes to big anyway. Now I have clothes that are fitting and comfortable for the gym!
-Water bottle. Yep...I just now bought a water bottle for the gym. And this one is sweet. It has a bite-nozzle and a purifier. WOOT!
-TLUs gym and track. This is where I will be getting my sweat on. I plan on doing 1 1/2 to 2 hour workouts each day of the week. If anyone likes Racquetball....Lets do it cause the elliptical will eventually get boring. 

Also shout out to my lovely hubby that endured workout clothes shopping with me and making me feel great about my goals! The greatest complement a woman could receive is someone saying "You're going to be such an awesome mom". 

:D So there you have it folks! 
Have a lovely 2013 and may everyone stick to their goals be it year-long or life-long!