Monday, January 16, 2012

Take It Easy

So there is this adorable quality that i poses. losing everything i touch. i can never find my keys, my shoes, my hair ties and God forbid i do not text myself the aisle number i parked in at wal-mart. normally this freaks me out a bit and stresses me out a a lot, but i decided for the most recent time i forgot something to let it be a fun and God filled experience. after all, i do tend to be critical of how little some people have in relation to how much other people have. and what better way to appreciate what you DO have then to lose your purse for a few days?

i am fairly typical when it comes to the things in my purse. there is my license, bank cards, credit card, cash and cute pictures of my and my future hubby. this time (which is not the norm for me) i had my social security card in there as well so i could get it to seguin for when i apply to jobs and such. my keys were with me though. as my parents and i headed out to seguin from houston we stopped at a mcdonald's for breakfast where i left my purse. i didnt know this until hours later when my sister called me saying there was a note on my parents door saying i had left something at said mcdonal's that had my name and address in it and who to contact to get it back. YAY for good samaritans! 

usually my initial instinct would be sheer panic, especially knowing that my social security card was being trusted in a stranger's hands, however, i have been working extremely hard to control my anxiety lately and did not want to let this be a set back. i knew if she was going to steal anything, she already would have and probably would have never returned any of it at all. so i took a few deep breaths and called my mom who had already left seguin to head back to houston. she too was very calm, which helped my nerves a lot. (i think i feed off of other people's feelings a lot, so yay for mom being cool and collected!) 

we started a set up of who to meet up with and when and where so she could get my purse back for me. enter best friend james. james goes to school with me as well, but was still in houston at the time. he lives a bit of a ways away from me, but was still willing to grab my purse for me whenever my mom did finally get it.

there was a lot of miss communications and such, but finally (and day and a half later) my mom got my purse back and james picked it up. 

meanwhile my friends here in seguin were fantastic. thank God for the kindness of strangers and friends :) i did my best not to ask for any more than i really needed and my friends have been fantastic making sure i dont starve to death or anything too crazy. i never realized how hard it can be to ask for food. food for me has been (at worst) a credit card away. normally i could have three meals a day on campus with my dining card. so it was new for me for sure. but i really really raelly did not want to ask for any more than i really really needed. 

james gets back here with my purse tonight and i am taking my friends out to dinner, but til then i still want to let this be a good thing. not a bad thing.

i wtill have a bed to sleep in, friends for company (and i am sure food), a shower to wash in and a heater to keep me comfortable. any time my stomach has growled or rumbled through this experience though, i have taken the time to say a quick prayer for all the times that God has provided food to me and my family and all that He has done in my life. and i definitely thank Him for this situation. for being without for a while. i know by tonight i have all my money back and things go on just as they were before. but i hope that i can hold onto the many lessons behind this short adventure: you can be without and survive; ask for help; trust in others because they are not always going to do the easy things to hurt you; thank God for what you have; be thankful for the hearts my friends and family have; live. and to just be okay. 

my happiest part of this is that even though coordinating the efforts to get my purse back was difficult i did not let it get me down or stress me out. no panic attacks happened and i am doing just fine with the support of everyone who has been involved :)

so thanks to Davie and mcdonald's for getting my purse to my mom, my mom for being so patient and getting my purse back for me, james for driving all the way to my house to pick up my purse, Liz for lunch and diner yesterday, lauren for endless fun and patrick for keeping my spirits up to and really appreciating the experience i was hoping to get out of this. life has been too good to me. God has been too good to me. and it is too easy to forget that, at least for me it is. 

"And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" Luke 11:9 King James Version

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