Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bye See You Later!

So the people on my mom's side of the family always "Bye, see you later" instead of goodbye. This is a tradition that i believe came from one of my uncles as a kid and i really like it, especially now that i am in a long distance relationship. 

Christmas break is wrapping up. My fiance just left today and i am not exactly sure when i will get to see him again. For sure in March for spring break, but i am hoping at least once before then as well. When i decided to transfer out of the college we both went to i did not see it working out with us. He was committed to trying so we gave it a whirl. 

i think i have been in love with him much longer than i let myself believe it. the distance is what got me to really believe it though. every time we have to part it never fails, i cry like a big baby. usually it starts a couple days before he even has to go. i love all of my friends and family and all. i am even super tight with my two besties at school. but i have never cried at just the thought of being separated from someone for even just a short while.

my poor fiance, bless his heart. holds me non-stop the days that he leaves. today we sat on the couch with my head on his chest and his arm so perfectly around me. i feel so safe in his arms, which is a feat within itself for me. he kept asking what i wanted to do, but i couldnt think of a single thing that was worth leaving his arms to do. so i just said "i want to do this". so we just sat there in each others company, much like the end of most of our visits go.

i thought saying goodbye, or 'bye see you later' would get easier with time. as it turns out, it only gets harder. i am so excited that this is the last semester of this though! he will graduate in may and live with me and life can settle down a little for us. no more 9 hour drives or months without hugs. i will get him every night. i never believed that there was a person i could feel this way about. someone who could take all the things i like about myself and enhance them. to take the happiness that already existed in my life and elevate it. that is true love. 

home is where the heart is and soon my home will finally be here with me. God has blessed both of us in so many ways and i am too excited for the adventures ahead of us.

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